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brewery news (4.22.16)


Happy Friday and Enjoy Norman Music Festival 9!

While downtown head over to Abner's and enjoy a glass of Grapefruit Sour, then head outside for the best music festival in Oklahoma!


Special Grapefruit Sour Pint Night 4.14.16 at Your Pie!

Tonight at Your Pie in Del City, have a pint of GFS for Your Pie's Drink Local Pint Night.


IT'S 405 DAY!!! Celebrate with us tonight!

Glass give-away Pint Night at Patriarch 4.05.16

FDR on draft, tickets for glass giveaway start at 4:05pm. FB event.


Glass give-away Pint Night @ScratchNorman 3.31.16

FDR on draft, glass giveaway starts at 5pm. FB event.


New T-shirt Inventory added!

Go to the Wear Ware tab up at the top to get your 405 Brewing shirt swag!


Glass give-away @NormanArtWalk - 3.11.16

We had a great time pouring during the Norman Art Walk last Friday. Thanks to The Social Club

for supporting local businesses like Mariposa and 405 brewing! Photo link!


FDR 2016 is out on shelves! - 3.16

Look for 750ml's this year in addition to draft pint nights in late March!


FDR 2016 Moved to the Brite Tank - 2.16

After a nice chill-down and bubble-time, this year's FDR will be ready for packaging. Look for 750ml's this year in addition to draft pint nights!


Grapefruit Juicing Time!! - 2.16

Ready for more GFS this year? We juiced 6 cases of Texas Red Grapefruits for this round of Grapefruit Sour and lowered the ph to give this batch a little more kick in the t'ART department.

FDR 2016 Brewed Sunday January 17, 2016

This year's FDR get's a makeover after our first batch was brewed January 2015, and released in March as (405) Brewing Co.'s first beer into the Oklahoma market. We've tweaked the recipe, brewed with a different coffee blend from our friends at Mariposa, and used a year's experience on our brewing system to better tune in our results. Look for updates and progress here on the website or FB, Twitter, and IG.



OK Craft Beer Summit and O&O's Anniversary Party - 1.13.16

The Oklahoma Craft Beer Summit (January 13, 2016) was a great success! The speakers presented a lot of great information about the current state of Oklahoma Craft Beer. ESP was available on draft during O&O's First Anniversary Party Thursday January 14, 2016!


Slaughter's Hall Anniversary Party - 12.19.15

ESP was served on draft for the first time December 19, 2015.


Manly Pint night - 11.30.15

Manly was released with special limited edition glassware November 30th @Abner's.


In the works

Barrel Aged GFS, BA ESP and BA Manly to be released early 2016.

GFS Batch 2016 - (Bottles) March 2016.


Future Brews

Something new...




Check the "Find Beer" tab to see an updated list of locations carrying (405)

Be sure to tell your local craft beer bar to pick up the newest (405) beer.



brewing philosophy

FDR.  It's more than just a beer, it's an acronym for how we approach brewing.




We brew on a reclaimed and up-cycled 7BBL brewhouse with 14BBL fermenters.




We love beer, but we also love our community.  We enjoy being active in local events and serving the fine folks of Norman (and central Oklahoma).  Please give us a shout at info@405brewing.com.