F*** the D*** Rules. This Imperial stout is a rule breaker extraordinaire. FDR is brewed with five varieties of chocolate and roasted malts. At the end of the boil we create a giant french press and steep the coarse ground coffee for four minutes. We partner with our friends at Mariposa Coffee Roastery in Norman in selecting the blend of coffee for each batch.

Style: Imperial Stout    

ABV: 11%     IBU: 100


Trae P.A.

A tropically funky pale ale brewed with a pseudo Brett strain and dry hopped with tropical hops. Hoppy and bitter fresh, funky and smooth with age.

Style: Brett Style Pale Ale     

ABV: 6%     IBU: 60


Grapefruit Sour

GFS is kettle-soured with our house lacto strains, brewed with 6 cases of Texas Ruby Red grapefruits and fermented with saison yeast. Tart, juicy and refreshing.

Style: Grapefruit Sour      

ABV: 6.2%  



Our take on an English brown ale. Notes of toffee & caramel, with a low bitterness makes this an easy-drinker.

Style: Southern Style Mild      

ABV: 5.5%   


Cool for the Summer

Light-bodied ale brewed with white wine yeast, with limes and locally-foraged mint added. Notes of apple from the wine yeast mingle with the citrus, finishing off with subtle mint flavors.

Style: Ale Brewed with Limes & Mint  

ABV: 5%   


Lime Tart

Sour ale brewed with limes, fermented and aged in oak rum barrels for 9 months. Tart, dry, citrusy.

Style: Rum Barrel-Aged Lime Sour    

ABV: 4.5%   



A single malt and single hop (SMaSH) English style barley wine. Produced once in November of 2015 to promote men's health during No Shave November.

Style: SMaSH English style barley wine  

ABV: 10%  



Sour ale brewed with peaches and aged on peaches in Scissortail Bourbon barrels for 18 months. Tart and juicy!

Style: Experimental Sour Peach  

ABV: 8% 



Barleywine 83% aged in bourbon barrels, 17% aged in bourbon barrels with peaches. Notes of dark fruit and a dry finish. Barrels from Scissortail Distillery (Moore, OK).

Style: Bourbon Barleywine

ABV: 12%  



A timeless classic with a blend of vienna and munich malts. Delivers flavors of freshly baked bread, light caramel, and malty richness.

Style: Fest Beer  

ABV: 6%